• Our Focus: Lead and preferred Oracle CX implementation partner

    Specialised and preferred Oracle partner in Australia for the implementation of Oracle CX solution with proven successful track record and a strong and experienced team of skilled and certified consultants.
  • Our Differentiation: The specialists in Single Customer View

    Most experienced consulting team in the region delivering Single Customer View solutions to unlock Business Potential with a Complete, Clean, Current and Trusted View of your Customers.
  • Our Value Add: Strategic Consulting Advice

    Our strategic advisory approach, combined with our extensive technology and industry experience help organisations to plan and develop a realistic and effective modernisation roadmap, to improve team’s performance and drive business growth, from customer journey mapping through to architecture design and solution delivery.
  • Our Heritage: Siebel Centre of Excellence

    With decades of Siebel experience, our Centre of Excellence is here to help you leverage your existing investment and unleashed its full potential through optimisation and modernisation. We provide the complete set of analysis, design, development and support services for Siebel CRM and Siebel Open UI.

About Us

Ekulus Consulting is a highly specialised consulting and technology firm centred around Single Customer View and Customer Experience solutions.

Our business reach spans corporate organisations in Australia and New Zealand and the broader Asia Pacific region and enables them with modern customer solutions that unlock value potential from their client relationships.

Our Consulting Services team is led by IT professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the implementation of Enterprise Applications including CRM (Customer Relationship Management), MDM (Master Data Management), EDQ (Enterprise Data Quality), DWH (Data Warehouse) and BI (Business Intelligence) solutions.

Our History

The Ekulus heritage traces back to the early Siebel years. While implementing Siebel Applications around the world for over two decades, our principals have delivered Enterprise Applications across different industries and business functions. These beginnings are the founding pillars of Ekulus Consulting.

Founded in 2009 by ex-Oracle employees, Ekulus Consulting started as a boutique consulting firm in the Australian market providing highly specialised architecture, design and implementation services for mission critical Enterprise Applications.

With the rise of Cloud Technology, our founding partners recognised the high potential and benefits of delivering Enterprise Solutions on the Cloud and made a commitment to invest in the development of a dedicated Cloud Competency within Ekulus. As the early adopters and pioneers in the region to implement Oracle Cloud solutions, our Ekulus RED Cloud team has become a lead implementation partner providing rapid implementation services as well as managed services for cloud solutions running on Oracle.

With a legacy of many successful implementations, proven accelerated solutions and a close collaboration with Oracle, Ekulus is a preferred and lead implementation partner of Oracle CX Cloud Solutions.

Our Brand

The name Ekulus is a simplified and unique variation of the constellation named “Equuleus”. It was one of the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy, and remains one of the 88 modern constellations. By definition a constellation is an integrated view of stars forming a recognizable pattern. In Greek mythology, “Equuleus” is also associated with the name Celeris meaning "swiftness" or "speed".

These characteristics identify the key attributes of our brand:

  • INTEGRATED VIEW (single view of your customers)
  • RECOGNIZABLE PATTERN (making sense out of data and delivering repeatable outcomes)
  • SPEED (accelerated and agile delivery approach)

These key attributes have been and continue to be at the centre of our brand: EKULUS “BE CUSTOMER READY”.

Our Commitment

Our clients need to deliver results every financial year. They need a plan and they need a technology partner who can make it happen and walk the talk. 

Our mission is to enable businesses with modern customer solutions to unlock value potential from their client relationships and achieve greater results. With the SPEED and EXPERIENCE to deliver these type of solutions, we help organisations make every customer interaction as effective as it can be. With a Single Customer View at your fingertips we help turn interactions into acquisition, retention, up-sell or cross-sell opportunities. By integrating more channels and data sets we help organisations with full visibility of customer data at each interaction and constantly adapt to complexity and get the results they’ve promised.

Our commitment is to take accountability of the end-to-end delivery process, from ideation, requirements and design to implementation, business enablement, roll-out and support. As an agile organisation, we provide an accelerated approach, low risk delivery, and quality solutions to enable on-going business modernisation.

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