Continuing the History of Quality Healthcare

Benetas was established in 1948 when a small group of volunteers from the Anglican Diocese in Melbourne responded to an urgent need to support older Victorians. Today, the organisation supports more than 4,000 older people through the help of over 400 volunteers and 1,500 staff. 

Benetas is a leading for-purpose organisation with a mission to provide older Victorians, their families and carers with a full range of quality community-based services and residential homes and apartments. To reflect its Anglican heritage and commitment to social justice, Benetas contributes a social dividend which sees any profit reinvested into growing and expanding services and initiatives, including its dedicated research and advocacy agenda, which provides broader benefits to people within our communities.

 Transitioning to Consumer Directed Care

Over the last few years, aged care has become more client-centred with a focus on choice and control.

As part of this, Consumer Directed Care (CDC) was first introduced in 2015, giving customers more freedom to choose the type of services they receive;  when they get them, how they get them, and from whom they receive care. 

In February 2017, further changes saw the allocation of Home Care packages move directly to consumers rather than to providers. This has offered customers a higher degree of transparency and accountability in regards to both the quality of care they receive, and the way in which the funds available in their package are used and acquitted.

Steps are now being taken to facilitate greater choice and control for older people in residential aged care services. These developments have contributed to a significant shift in the country’s Aged Care sector and it is increasingly becoming more competitive, more market-based, and more consumer-driven.

With this in mind, Benetas saw an opportunity to provide better services to their current and future customers around ways of delivering choice. 

Innovating for Better Customer Experience

Decades of experience in aged care have helped Benetas understand the evolving needs of their clients. To continue providing quality service and support the transition to increased consumer choice the organization realized the need for incorporating new technologies as part of their operations. 

One of their first steps in improving customer experience is to implement a new contact centre solution for better communication with clients. By investing in Oracle and Ekulus, Benetas is set to: 

  • Improve customer engagements and move them across all channels
  • Always provide the right solutions and answers every time
  • Gain actionable insights
  • Deliver dependable and adaptive experiences  

The cross-channel contact centre solution on Oracle delivered by Ekulus features: 

  • Single Enquiry management solution so contact centre representatives can deliver services through various channels in a single platform including Email, Phone and Chat
  • Unified agent desktop that integrates with other systems of Benetas to provide a single view of customer information for contact centre agents and deliver a more personalised customer experience 
  • Guided resolutions to help agents provide accurate information to clients, helping them become more consistent and productive during their shifts

Oracle’s Service Cloud is also highly configurable, enabling the system to cater to the organization’s present and future needs. 

Working With a Team of Industry Experts  

To ensure the success of the project, Benetas will be working with Ekulus, Australia’s premier technology firm focused on customer experience solutions. 

With a team of IT professionals and leaders with more than 20 years of experience in implementing customer-centric enterprise applications, the Ekulus group started as a consulting firm specialising in design, architecture, and implementation service for Enterprise Single Customer View and Customer Experience solutions. 

Ekulus has recognised the benefits of providing enterprise solutions on the cloud as the technology continues to advance and become an integral part of the operations of many businesses. Helping Benetas develop a contact centre solution customised to their needs further cement Ekulus’ mission to assist organizations in unlocking the value potential of their customers. 

With their knowledge and expertise, Ekulus is ready to help Benetas better understand client data so they can efficiently adapt to varying complexities. The company’s end-to-end delivery processes ensures that Benetas will always have experts to help them maximize their technological investment. 

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