• Our Focus: Lead and preferred Oracle CX implementation partner

    Specialised and preferred Oracle partner in Australia for the implementation of Oracle CX solution with proven successful track record and a strong and experienced team of skilled and certified consultants.
  • Our Differentiation: The specialists in Single Customer View

    Most experienced consulting team in the region delivering Single Customer View solutions to unlock Business Potential with a Complete, Clean, Current and Trusted View of your Customers.
  • Our Value Add: Strategic Consulting Advice

    Our strategic advisory approach, combined with our extensive technology and industry experience help organisations to plan and develop a realistic and effective modernisation roadmap, to improve team’s performance and drive business growth, from customer journey mapping through to architecture design and solution delivery.
  • Our Heritage: Siebel Centre of Excellence

    With decades of Siebel experience, our Centre of Excellence is here to help you leverage your existing investment and unleashed its full potential through optimisation and modernisation. We provide the complete set of analysis, design, development and support services for Siebel CRM and Siebel Open UI.
With the most experienced consulting team in the region delivering Single Customer View solutions, we can assist you with formulating the right approach for your organisation and manage the end to end implementation process with your business outcome in mind. Our business outcome driven approach, combined with a strong architectural background and technical expertise allows us to formulate the right solutions to our clients regardless of their industry, geography, systems complexities or technology mix.

Planning Services

We love, and find most effective, to start the journey with you from the beginning.

Customer Journey Mapping

Map the journey of your customer’s experience: from initial contact, through the process of engagement and into a long-term relationship

Discovery & Planning

Our proven 4-step approach to assist you with defining an implementation plan that is practical, attainable and aligned with your business goals

Architecture & Solution Delivery

Our consultants will guide you on how to put the pieces together that make up the whole and empower you to make the right choices.

Cloud Services

Rapid Start. Effective Enablement. On-going Innovation.

Rapid Start Offerings

Fast track your cloud deployment projects with our Rapid Start Packages. We provide you with an accelerated approach, low risk delivery and quality solution to get started on the cloud in weeks

Business Enablement

From end user training to business coaching and operational change, our team knows how to drive the most critical aspect of business modernisation: user adoption. We educate, monitor, and coach on modern best practices.

Managed Services

Our managed services are centred around continuous innovation. From technical support and upgrades to on-going enhancements and regular new features based on end user feedback.

Technical Services

If it's simple: we'll do it fast. If it's complex: we'll make it happen.

Application Development

Expand your application functionality and modernise user experience with responsive design, touch-enabled and mobile ready web technologies. From Siebel Open UI to Mobile Apps and Office365, productivity and user experience go hand in hand.

Data Migration

With a vast experience in Data Migration our consulting team has the necessary skills to extract, transform, cleanse, load and automate data migration processes using Oracle technology as well as client’ existing toolset

Systems Integrations

Our talented integration experts will help you to connect your world with the the most effective integration patterns (service-oriented, business process orchestration, event-driven integration, batch-integration, or point-to-point integration)

Data Management Services

Apply proven data management principles and practices and get your data into shape.

Data Fitness Program

Did a personal trainer ever mention you need health governance? Managing and improving your data starts with having a clear diagnosis of your data health status and defining the required fitness levels you want to achieve. Contact us to learn more about our data fitness program.

Enterprise Data Quality

Over many years we have acquired technical know-how across a variety of data quality toolsets and have addressed a large diversity data issues. Our data quality specialists have a wealth of experience.

Master Data Hub

Whether you need a customer data hub for your reporting requirements, a real-time operational data store to support your digital strategy or a product hub for your supply chain operations, we have the strongest MDM expertise in the region.

Siebel Centre of Excellence

With decades of Siebel experience, our Centre of Excellence is here to help you leverage your existing investment and unleash its full potential through optimisation and modernisation.

Optimise Siebel

Your business is evolving and demands enhancement and optimisation of your existing Siebel asset for improved functionality, faster processing time and improved usability. We can assist you in achieving this through our decades of Siebel technical knowledge, industry experience and proven track record.

Modernise Siebel

Your existing Siebel solution is aged, yet critical. So how do you leverage your existing Siebel asset, yet achieve modern UI and User Experience. We can help you by transforming Siebel into a powerful web application, with our unique combination of advanced UX skills, deep expertise in Siebel Open UI and Siebel configuration, and a proven methodology in delivering Siebel UX enhancements.

Continuous Delivery

Siebel tooling and development processes were built in the 1990s and existing Siebel development and integration processes fail to meet today's agile environments and speed requirements. Our unique Continuous Delivery approach for Siebel CRM enables agile parallel deployments and releases with full version control.