• Single Customer View


    Unlock Business Potential with a Complete, Cleansed, Current and Trusted View of your Customers.

Key Concepts of a Single Customer View

A Single Customer View is a consolidated, consistent and holistic representation of the data known by your organisation about your customers. It allows you to better understand who they are and what business they have with you across your lines of businesses. Most importantly, it empowers organisations to establish a more meaningful and personalised experience with the right customers, at the right time, and on the right channel.


Possess all the key information needed to do business when dealing with your customers.


It's up to date with the latest information known to the organisation about a customer.


The data has been cleansed and standardised to ensure it is legible and easy to comprehend.


The information presented to the user is relevant to their role, location, device, and is in context of the required action or business process.


The information provided empowers the user to detect and recognize valueable information which otherwise would be invisible to the human eye or hard to obtain.


The data has been entered by the relevant users, with the necessary checks and verified by authorised users when required, ensuring the necessary organisation policies and compliance rules are met.

In today's world, due to mergers, acquisitions and/or continuous growth, organisations' technology landscape becomes increasingly challenging due to the proliferation of systems capabilities and integration complexities. This results in having multiple repositories of information operating in silo without the ability to establish and maintain a single view of all your customers products, services and interactions with your organisations.

To compete in this world, where the buyer is in complete control, it’s vital to have a single view of your customers. Ensuring your teams have timely access to accurate information holds the key to delivering a great experience and delighting your customers every step of the way with personalised service. It’s how you break down silos across different functions so the business can deliver a better customer experience across every touch point.

What does it look like?

Fundamentally, a single customer view needs to be integrated to your existing customer repositories to ensure it can deliver a consistent and seamless experience that flows through your enterprise applications from marketing through sales to ongoing customer service and across all of your existing communication channels.

Business Capabilities

With a Single Customer View established, you can then confidently drive your sales, service, marketing and social initiatives and interactions more effectively, trusting that the whole of the organisation can collaborate and leverage the insights gathered from every customer interaction.


Engage your customer earlier and close deals more often by equipping your sales team with the proper processes, tools, resources and intelligence to boost their productivity and increase revenue.


Differentiate your brand by developing lasting relationships with unified web, social, and contact centre experiences. Deliver the right answers to your clients every time capturing actionable insight, regardless of how they contact you.


Personalise every customer experience to increase engagement, advocacy and revenue using cross-channel, content and social marketing solutions with integrated data management and activation.


Leverage social media to connect customers and establish a competitive advantage. Social solutions allow you to generate better insights, produce better content, deliver faster service and, ultimately, grow more quickly.

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