Bank of Guam Transforms Its Business with Ekulus and Oracle CX Cloud

IOOF ensures Sales Process consistency with Oracle and Ekulus

With this latest addition, Ekulus now offers a true Omni-Channel Contact Centre solution to help businesses improve their contact centres through telephony integration that can easily be used with Oracle CX Cloud (as well as other existing applications). As a lead Oracle partner, Ekulus continues to differentiate itself by providing unique solutions for Customer Engagement.

The service effectively reduces agent load by automating call handling processes. When agents have fewer things to worry about, they can focus on providing better customer experience. 

Role of Contact Centre in Customer Experience 

As the company’s front line in terms of customer interaction, Contact Centre agents often interact more with a business’s clients than other members of the company. Unfortunately, many see agents simply as transaction handlers.  

For many businesses, contact centre agents are gatekeepers that deal with customer concerns. They also ensure leads turn into sales. In addition, agents are considered as record keepers, making sure client data is always up-to-date. 

While they may do all these, the roles of contact centre agents are evolving. 

Today, they are not just transaction handlers. They are representatives of your company who could make –or break– customer experience. 

The impressions agents give to your customers often translate to how your customers see your business. A bad experience from a contact centre representative doesn’t just mean a dissatisfied client. It could also mean receiving bad reviews, not getting referrals, or losing an existing client.  

Challenges in Contact Centre

A 2016 research by Contact Center Pipeline showed some of the top challenges facing many contact centres today are: 

  • Insufficient self-service (IVR, web, mobile, etc.)
  • Insufficient core technology (Routing, Reporting and CTI)
  • Low first contact resolution rates
  • Increasing Contact Volumes
  • Difficulty adding new channels
  • High Abandon Rate
  • Lack of/poor cross-departmental collaboration

When it comes to your contact centre, remember that your agents are your best assets. If they are having difficulties with accomplishing their tasks, they won’t be able to provide the customer experience you want your company to give. 

Features of BeCloud Telephony

Ekulus understands all these challenges. That’s why we partner with the best cloud vendors to deliver fully integrated Telephony Integration capabilities to our Omni-Channel Contact Centre Solution. 

As a representative of BeCloud in the region, Telephony Solution delivers a full-featured cloud-based IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) system with a read-to-use Voice Channel Module that comes fully integrated and embedded within Oracle Service Cloud and the rest of the Oracle CX suite. 

With this added capability, Customers receive guided prompts that will lead the call to the right agent with the necessary knowledge and skills to assist them with their needs. All within one platform. This improves customer experience and boost agent’s morale. The system empowers your agents as they handle calls that are specific to their knowledge and skill set. It also satisfies your customers as they’re able to accomplish what they needed to do within the call. 

A sought after feature of our IVR system that is popular among customers is the call-back function. With this feature, customers don’t have to wait in queue for a long time. They simply have to choose the option for a call back and an agent will call them once it’s their turn to be assisted. This is a very convenient function to have, especially for contact centres handling high call volumes daily. As not a lot of companies have this feature, using it in your contact centre would put you ahead of the competition in terms of customer experience.

Other amazing features of our contact centre solution are its supervisor and reporting functions. 

Supervisors can access real-time metrics of their team, monitor calls in real time, or evaluate recording of past interactions to review and identify staff training needs and improve quality of service. 

New or junior staff? No worries. Your supervisor are equipped with all the tools to support their teams. From real-time call monitoring, to confidential whispering, call barging and call step-in, your supervisor has all the options to assist their team with those difficult conversations, whilst keeping the customer clear of confusions. 

Reporting has never become this easy with our Omni-Channel Contact Centre Solution. Supervisors can conveniently prepare reports and include statistics such as campaign metrics, quota metrics, and more. These information give a good look at what’s happening in the contact centre, helping the management understand the performance of their contact centre as a whole and recommend improvements.   By analysing the data available to them, supervisors can easily identify existing issues and even predict problems that could occur in the near future. Real-time statistics also help with quality control, which further ensures that only the best service is given to customers.  

The service also includes departmental collaboration as it can be used by contact centre agents, customer support, operations staff, receptionists, and even remote sales agents. It also comes with customizable modules to ensure your agents have everything they need to perform their work.  

The best part about all this is our Telephony Solution comes pre- configured with automated screen pop-up into Oracle Service Cloud. Meaning, your agents will be working on pre-created interaction record already assigned to the right customer details as soon as they Accept the incoming call. If you add to this Ekulus’ Single Customer View solution, your agents will be empowered with the right customer information from across your organisation, therefore increasing First Contact Resolution Rate.

With a full-featured, cloud-based, zero-install footprint and pre-integrated Telephony Solution, Ekulus is saving you all the headaches and troubles of working on the integration yourselves. With Ekulus, you will have the peace of mind that you’ll get all the features you need and support from a great team of IT experts. From project design to implementation and on-going support, we make sure you get the most out of your Contact Centre.

Start empowering your agents today. Contact us for more information on our Telephony Integration Solution and we’ll be ready to help you. 

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