Bank of Guam Transforms Its Business with Ekulus and Oracle CX Cloud

IOOF ensures Sales Process consistency with Oracle and Ekulus

Today, getting into the cloud is not merely an option but a standard. With its many benefits, government agencies, SMBs, and large enterprises have started incorporating cloud applications in their operations. Unfortunately, many struggle with developing a clear roadmap, implementing migration plans, and effectively managing their platforms. 

The Australian Government Cloud Summit aims to provide local, state and federal government agencies with practical solutions to common cloud planning and integration roadblocks. 

The summit brings top minds and senior executives working in technical services, networks and architecture, cloud applications, information systems, IT security, business transformation, and IT strategy together in this two-day summit. The event includes conferences and workshops spearheaded by industry experts and agency leaders. Some experts scheduled to speak in the event includes Lain Patterson, Director of Common Technology Services, Digital Government Service (UK) and Dr Ian Oppermann, CEO & Chief Data Scientist, NSW Data Analytics Centre – NSW Department of Finance, Services, and Innovation.  

Practical Solutions for Cloud Integration Challenges 

Attendees of the Australian Government Summit will learn to develop effective cloud strategies across their entire organisation. They will know how to successfully implement cultural shifts within their agencies so everyone can successfully transition and start using various cloud applications. 

As data privacy is a concern of many organisations, the summit includes a discussion on techniques for ensuring data security. Attendees will also learn how to manage contracts and costs with third-party services and increase service delivery efficiencies. 

Innovative Cloud Applications for Businesses and Government Agencies

To support the government’s initiative, Ekulus will be participating in the summit. The team is set to share with everyone its innovative applications that make migrating to the cloud easy and problem-free. 

Apart from being Oracle’s leading partner in CX solutions, Ekulus is a leader in providing Constituent Experience solutions. Their top-of-the-line applications and services give government agencies the opportunity to use Modern Engagement Platforms that are suited for Modern Councils. 

Together with Oracle, Ekulus offers a one-stop-shop solution for councils, government agencies, and businesses. Its wide range of Constituent Experience solutions and cloud applications include omnichannel contact centre with telephony integration, Single Customer View, and intelligent digital forms automation.

Omnichannel Contact Centre with Telephony Integration

Whether it’s a government department or a private business, a scalable and efficient contact centre is essential in providing an exceptional customer experience. 

Ekulus’s Omnichannel Contact Centre with telephony integration can conveniently be integrated with Oracle CX Cloud and other applications. This cloud-based, full-featured telephony solution comes with a Voice Channel Module and an Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) system. 

Calls are properly directed to agents with the right knowledge and skills needed to resolve issues or provide accurate information. This is done with the help of guided voice prompts that constituents or customers follow to reach the right contact centre representative.

Another excellent feature of the Omnichannel Contact Centre application offered by Ekulus is its call-back function. It is perfect for agencies and councils handling high-volume inquiries every day. The call-back function improves constituent experience as it allows them to get off the phone without losing their position in the call queue. Instead of waiting in line for their turn, constituents will receive a call-back from contact centre agents when their turn comes up.  

Single Customer View

The Single Customer View keeps everyone in the organisation up-to-date with their constituents’ information, inquiries and concerns. It allows councils to provide the best constituent experience possible. This cloud-based solution increases an agency’s reliability, productivity, and efficiency. In addition, the Single Customer View solution makes it convenient for agencies to offer additional services that are relevant to their constituents. 

Single Customer View also reduces operational costs as the system automatically creates and updates records, reducing time spent on customer data creation and customer data management. 

Intelligent Digital Forms

Ekulus offers intelligent digital forms deployed as branded mobile apps. With these applications, constituents can conveniently interact with councils and agencies at their most convenient time and with the most convenient gadget they have – their mobile phones. 

Ekulus is your best choice for cloud-based applications and services that improve constituent experience. For better services and higher efficiency rating, migrate to the cloud with Ekulus. 

Join the Australian Government Cloud Summit and visit Ekulus to learn more about the latest technology in cloud applications and how you can use it for your council or business.

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