Bank of Guam Transforms Its Business with Ekulus and Oracle CX Cloud

IOOF ensures Sales Process consistency with Oracle and Ekulus

Ekulus continues to revolutionize customer experience and engagement. With its Modern Chat Solution, companies will be able to better interact with customers when they are most engaged with the brand, providing a fully embedded and corporate branded chat experience within their websites. 

With Oracle RightNow, businesses will never again miss opportunities to connect with and provide quality customer service to their clients.

Untapped Opportunities of Chat Solutions 

Studies show that a company normally handles about 1,143 chats every month. This volume doesn’t include missed and rejected chats. According to these studies, an average company takes about 48 seconds to answer a chat and a chat typically ends within 15 minutes. 

The research also presentes the correlation between chat duration and customer satisfaction. Data shows that customer satisfaction remains positive if the duration is within 15 minutes. Satisfaction drops as duration increases. 

Chat volume also plays a role in customer satisfaction. Longer queues mean lower satisfaction ratings. In addition, the more chats an agent handles, the more dissatisfied customers become. There was a sharp decrease in customer satisfaction rate for agents handling 1,000 to 1,500 chats per month.  

All these challenges are untapped opportunities for many businesses. Unfortunately for some, they become missed opportunities. Ekulus and Oracle aims to help businesses identify those opportunities and turn them into possibilities. 

Modern Chat Solution Benefits 

With Modern Chat Solution by Ekulus, companies can boost customer satisfaction, improve service quality, and increase agent efficiency.

Here are some of the benefits businesses will enjoy with Modern Chat Solution from Ekulus:

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Lifetime Value

Without the long queues that are very common among many contact centres, businesses can provide immediate assistance to their customers, leading to better customer experience and resulting in brand loyalty and higher satisfaction ratings. 

Increase Conversion Rates 

With a fully embedded chat expeirence, customers can easily ask for help or guidance while they are shopping on your site or signing up for a service without leaving their current page position in your site. 

Manage agent availability

Maximise your chat agents capacity more effectively by automatically enabling/disabling the chat option on your website depending on agent availability. 

Provide Accurate Information and Standard Responses 

The Modern Chat Solution by Ekulus continues to leverage all existing Oracle Service Cloud capabilities, including the knowledge database so customers receive the right information instantly from the most skilled agent that is available. 

Keep Customer Information and Chat History Up-to-Date Automatically

Having an up-to-date client record and chat history helps agents understand what happened to their concerns, allowing them to provide the best solutions. Creating and updating records are easy with Ekulus’s Modern Chat Solution. It automatically creates customer records and chat history so agents can focus on customer needs. 

Customised Solutions from Ekulus 

Ekulus believes every business is unique. A one-size-fits-all solution isn’t the best solution, especially for companies striving to stay ahead of the competition. That is why Ekulus offers customised services for their clients. 

Modern Chat Solution is highly customisable. Companies can use their content and branding to provide a seamless experience for their customers. In addition, the service is easy to set up, saving businesses time and effort in integrating new technologies to their operations. 

Don’t miss any more opportunities. Boost customer satisfaction, conversion, and efficiency RightNow. Get in touch with Ekulus at +61 (3) 8529 7251 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about our Modern Chat Solution. 

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