Bank of Guam Transforms Its Business with Ekulus and Oracle CX Cloud

IOOF ensures Sales Process consistency with Oracle and Ekulus

“Oracle Service Cloud has really been able to provide a platform to our customers and community to really voice and talk about some of the efforts we are doing in the community.”

In an interview with Oracle, Lesley Leon Guerrero, Vice President of Customer Service of Bank of Guam and John Reyes, the institution’s Vice President Business Intelligence Manager share how they transform their institution with Oracle CX Cloud and Ekulus as their strategic partner.

Known for their dedication to their community, Bank of Guam has stepped up to the challenge of streamlining their processes and maximizing the use of their customer data to provide the best better customer experiences

Working with Manual Processes

Before the implementation of Oracle CX Cloud, Bank of Guam used many manual processes. Lesley Leon Guerrero recalls the times when knowledge about their customers was very personal to the agents assisting them. They were manually counting the number of entries in their spreadsheets and adding them all together, making the data very inconsistent and unreliable.

Working with Ekulus

Ekulus is Bank of Guam’s strategic partner in getting their Oracle implementation going. With Phase One of their new Enterprise CRM underway, the institution is ready to enjoy the benefits of a 360 Customer View. They are also set to enjoy the benefits of having a process hub, with their e-forms and workflows up and running smoothly. Ekulus is also ready to implement strategies to streamline all manual processes throughout the organization.

Transforming the Business

Bank of Guam’s Vice President of Customer Service shares how they were able to capture customer data “the way we wanted to” through Oracle. They were also able to identify and troubleshoot different issues.

With the innovations of Oracle CX cloud, Bank of Guam increased agent productivity by 75 per cent. The organization has also increased visibility among customers that they were able to help and customers whose issues they are still yet to resolve.

Oracle CX Cloud has allowed Bank of Guam better understand what their customers think of their services in real time. They did this through transactional surveys, which they give customers after every transition.

Learning About CX Cloud

John Reyes shares what he had learned when they started implementing Oracle CX Cloud. According to him, it’s important for an organization to be educated so they can embrace change. “Put a plan to together, ask every question in the book to ensure that the solution is right for the organization,” he advised.

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