• Our Heritage: Siebel Centre of Excellence

    With decades of Siebel experience, our Centre of Excellence is here to help you leverage your existing investment and unleash its full potential through optimisation and modernisation. We provide the complete set of analysis, design, development and support services for Siebel CRM and Siebel Open UI.

Extend Siebel

As technology advances, businesses have the choice to adapt to latest cloud solutions in order to succeed and remain competitive. Oracle CX cloud applications provide improved offerings to meet evolving needs with advanced customer experience solutions. Cloud does not mean “throw Siebel out the window”.

Siebel continues being a very large CRM platform with a comprehensive data model and deep industry functionality, deeply rooted in your organisation. Hence moving out of Siebel enterprise completely may present you with gaps hard to fit or expensive to transform. In such cases the move should be more about augmenting and extending Siebel than changing completely. Cloud for your existing Siebel platform is the right backbone and provides the chance to tap into and maximise current/future cloud opportunities, yet retaining a true enterprise view with deeply rooted integrations.

Deploy Oracle Service Cloud Customer Portal and powerful knowledge management.

Leverage Sales Cloud CDM (Customer Data Management) module for data integrity purposes.

Increase sales effectiveness allowing your sales team to work on the road.

Embrace modern app functionality such as Oracle Voice and Around Me.

Be true mobile including mobile apps and mobile analytics.

Collaborate more effectively with Oracle Sales Outlook and Oracle Social capabilities.

Modernise Siebel

Your existing Siebel solution is aged, yet deep rooted and critical. So how do you leverage your existing Siebel asset, yet achieve modern UX, improved functionality and improved usability? We can help transforming your Siebel to modern UI experience and optimised application, with our unique combination of advanced UX skills, deep expertise in Siebel Open UI and Siebel configuration, and a proven methodology in delivering Siebel UX enhancements.

Modern look and feel out of the box. A sleek, stylish application replacing the clunky aesthetics previously associated with Siebel.

Siebel Open UI can be run on any modern browser on various operating systems…the choice is yours!.

It’s still Siebel. As Open UI is an extension of Siebel you will continue to benefit from the abundant features Siebel offers.

Ultimate flexibility for custom development. Open UI allows to improve the usability and design of your Siebel implementation by leveraging the web technologies.

Increased productivity and user adoption. Open UI enables a more efficient application with fewer clicks to achieve the same goal using user interfaces built with modern and familiar web technologies.

Continuous Delivery

Siebel CRM application is business critical system, integrated with your other enterprise systems. However, Siebel tooling and development processes are traditional and fail to meet today's agile environment and speed requirements. This demands innovative Continuous Delivery for Siebel DevOps. Our unique Continuous Delivery approach for Siebel solution enables automated Siebel code management and deployment process with full version control - enables agile Siebel deployments and releases, so deployments can be delivered faster and more frequently.

Integrated code management with full version control .

Fully automated Siebel deployment process including packaging and target deployment.

Support both Siebel repository and non-repository objects.

Proven framework with successful implementations and operational excellence.

Single pane view to interact with all Siebel deployments and synchronizations.

Why Ekulus

These are the reasons our customers trust us to deliver modern solutions process on Oracle:

Recognised Specialists

We are specialised and preferred Oracle partner in Australia for implementing Oracle solutions with a strong team of skilled and certified consultants.

Proven Experience

Our successful implementation track record across many industries are the best testimony of our experience and ensures a value add and first time right approach for our customers.

Passion & Accountability

We are passionate about taking proactive accountability in the delivery of our services and provide a single contact point so, instead of dealing with multiple parties, you can focus on making business decisions.